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I’m lazy

Billy, this is in response to your question. Why do I have so few blog entries? Why? Why, Why? It’s simple. It’s because I’m lazy. Let’s see if I change that. What to write about. Let’s see. I found a ring a while ago. I’m excited about it. I thought it was going to be hard to find one. Then one day I stumbled into a jewelry store and I found it. It is made of titanium and it feels light. It fits nicely but I’m worried it may be the tiniest bit too big. I’m not sure though. Some people have said it’s dangerous in case my hand gets hurt. That freaked me out a bit. But I think that might not be the case based on other word of mouth and the little bit of research I did. Some people tried to dissuade me by saying they are too light and after a while you want a “real” ring or one that weighs more. I don’t think I care. I’ve never worn jewelry before, so I don’t think I will mind. If anything, it will take a little longer to get used to actually having something there as opposed to not having something substantial enough. We’ll see.

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