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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Who knew there would be so many to make. I sure didn’t. Now I know better. You would think my guy friend’s would have let me know it would be this way. Maybe they didn’t because it’s some kind rite of passage that guys have to go through. You don’t “spoil the surprise” for your pals. You let them find out for themselves. Maybe married guys do go try and warn their single friends but to no avail. Maybe a happy go-lucky bachelor can not even begin to comprehend the amount of work and decision making that goes into a wedding. Could it be an example of ignorance being bliss. Perhaps it is. I will tell you something; I was ignorant prior to this. I have learned things that I never knew before. Unfortunately, at this moment, I can not recall exactly what it is that I did learn. But, whenever some new aspect of wedding planning arose that I no idea ever existed, I do remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I just learned something”.

I really think that decision making can be very overwhelming for grooms. Several guys have said “Let her do all the work.” That’s a great idea in theory but I don’t think it works in practice. Sarah does most of the work by far, but there are times she asks for my input. I tend to procrastinate when Sarah asks me what I think. Do you think that is the reason my blog entries have been few and far between.

I’m beginning to open up to the idea that there is perhaps a middle-ground. Maybe I don’t actually have to make the decisions. Maybe Sarah knows the answers to a lot of the things she asks me and just wants a little input. If I make a little effort to understand what the facts of the situation are then I can briefly give a thought or two and leave the decision to her. Maybe it’s not hard as I perceive it to be.

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  1. Nicole Says:

    This is the most honest male perspective of wedding planning I’ve ever read… the strange thing is… it says it was posted by Sarah…

  2. sarah Says:

    Haha Pete isn’t that familiar with the blog software. I’ll fix that!

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