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Alterations anyone?

So I have a wedding gown that I could love, if only I could get the alterations I want done. Apparently, no bridal shop will alter a dress they didn’t also sell to you, and Kleinfeld (the bridal shop I bought it at) won’t alter my dress either, because I purchased it in a sample sale. Kleinfeld gave me some recomendations, but the only one that is within a reasonable distance for me is a woman who doesn’t speak English very well and won’t even give me a ballpark estimate of the time or cost of the alterations I want unless I cart the dress over for her to look at. I was so happy when I saved myself over $2000, but now I’m paying for it in headache. I have been scouring all the posts on liweddings.com and other sites to see what other ladies have done. Surely I can’t be the only person in this situation? There must be someone reputable to do the alterations? Any ideas?

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