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Day of hoodie…opinions please!

I have a really cute terrycloth hoodie and pants that I plan to wear while getting hair and makeup done on our wedding day. I have seen a lot of people get theirs embroidered but I’m not sure if I want to or not, so I thought I would ask for opinions. Here are the options:

A. The Future Mrs. Milcetic or Soon To Be Mrs. Milcetic (example). This seems to be the most popular design but then it’s not as wearable after the wedding.

B. Mrs. Milcetic Est 09.21.08 (example). I think this idea is cute because then it can be worn after the wedding, and everyone will know we’re newlyweds if I wear it on our honeymoon.

C. No embriodery, not as cute for the wedding day but definitely can wear it in the future!

D. Some other option…you tell me!

4 Responses to “Day of hoodie…opinions please!”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    Ok so I love the idea of the terry cloth outfit! And I think B is perfect. It’s a super cute and modern way of saying…I’m so proud to be Mrs. Milcetic and this is the day it happened! You gotta get it embroidered because it’s your day and you’ll want to remember it always…the memory will far out weigh any cost and/or semi-tacky decal. So that’s my 2 cents! Ciao!


  2. Sarah Says:

    Thanks A, you have such a nice way of saying things!

  3. Kristin Says:

    I like B the best and I think it’s a cute idea! I definitely agree with Adrienne and everyone will know you’re newlyweds!

  4. Rose Marie Milcetic Says:

    The personal touch shows how much extra care you put into making your wedding day your own!!! Yes, I agree with the girls who wrote before me that you should choose option “B’ as you will certainly be Mrs. Milcetic for years after the hoodie is worn and tattered.

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