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Wedding gown!

Last night Laura drove up to New York after work so we could go look for a wedding gown today. Not only did we look, but I bought the best wedding gown!! We grabbed some bridal magazines to look through on the train on the way in to the city, and picked out all the different elements that I liked and didn’t like. Then we got in to Kleinfeld and I only found one dress that I thought would fit all the criteria I had chosen. So my sister (wisely) told me to pick out some others just to try the different styles. The main thing that was limiting my choices was that I thought I wanted a pure white dress. I didn’t realize that the dresses that were pure white were the polyester ones (oops!). So I ended up getting a “pearl white” dress in 100% silk. It’s so luxurious and I really love it! I don’t want to reveal too much, because Peter will probably read this later and I want him to be totally surprised when he sees me appear at the end of the aisle.

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