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We booked the church!!!

Today was the day I have been the most nervous about for a long time. During tax season, Pete didn’t have time to help with much of the wedding planning, so I did as much as I could on my own and tried not to bother him too much. One thing I really wanted us to decide together though, was the location of the ceremony. As the end of tax season grew nearer, I scheduled appointments with priests at nearby churches. I have visited a few on some of my previous trips to the Hamptons, but Pete had not seen the one church I loved more than any other. I was scared to get my hopes up until I knew for sure that Pete liked it and that we could have the wedding there on our date. I feel so relieved and excited now because Pete also loved the church and the priest was a great. We have reserved the church for our wedding date! It’s really really real now!!

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