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We booked our photographer today! We got up nice and early (at least for me) and had a long meeting at Starbucks with Danielle Richards. I love her style and was very glad to be able to book her for our date! She was very thorough in going over everything with us and she showed us many different styles of albums, many of which we really liked. She also went over some details I would never have thought of. For example, we will designate someone as the person in charge of rounding up the necessary people for formal photos since the photographers will know our bridal party and parents, but can’t possibly know all of our extended family. As we get closer, we also will come up with a list of important details we want to make sure are captured (for example my heirloom piece from my grandmother) or some of the details I plan to surprise everyone with! The only thing I forgot to ask her is if she has any recommendations for videography. I’m still not 100% sure if I want a video, but we will probably regret it if we don’t, right?

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