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Wedding album in the works

Yesterday we met with our photographer to make the photo choices and review the cover materials and size options for our wedding photo album. We have over 600 proofs and had narrowed the options down to about 200 before we met with Danielle. She was so nice to spend all morning with us reviewing photos and helping us with the editing process. We narrowed it down to 130 by the end of our meeting.

Next we have to decide if we want to have a 10×10, 12×12 or 8×20 album and which cover material to use. I am torn between a lighter color suede album to go with the airy, beach feel or a classic black which will make the image stand out more. Peter seemed pretty undecided on that matter. We also might be able to get a cover that is acrylic with a full photo showing from underneath it, which could be modern and different. I’m thinking about the 8×20 album, which is a long rectangle, but once you open it, it becomes 16×20 which is a standard size for a very enlarged photo. That would be really neat to have all that space inside the album for large prints.

Now we’re waiting to hear back from Danielle about some options for combining cover materials and to see a photo of what the 8×20 album looks like (it’s a newer option, so we didn’t get to see a sample). Pete and I were both really happy after we met with Danielle that we are on our way to having a completed album. We felt really great about the photo choices we made and are really excited to move forward with this.

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