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Meeting with Videographer

I have been doing a lot of research on videographers over the last couple of months. Like many other things, I was surprised and happy when we finally found the one that captured our attention and made the little flag go up, saying “This is the one!!”

My first idea was a to go with Michelle, from Layer Cake Films. She shoots with super 8mm film and edits in a music video style. Michelle’s motto is that the video should enhance your memories of your wedding day, rather than replacing your memories with what was captured on film (as happens with too-long videos). I still love her style, but ultimately didn’t chose her because Peter wanted to have the sound from the day, which can’t be done with super 8mm. Here’s my favorite sample of Michelle’s videography & editing: Lindsay & Nick.

We looked at many other video options including our DJ company, several recommendations from our photographer and many others that I found. Somehow I came across Silverfox. I can’t remember how I found them, but I’m so glad I did. We were totally impressed with them today. The manager was very friendly and their samples are really impressive. I think our favorite part was that the video titles make it feel like a real movie. Overall Pete and I both felt these videos really had the style we were looking for. Here’s some of my favorite sample videos of Silverfox’s: Roseann & Christian’s ceremony and Roseann & Christian’s photo session.

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