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Hawaii here we come

Today we bought our airline tickets to Hawaii. I found a really good deal, and we figured we would get started with that and fill in the rest of the details as we go. We are also planning to stay in San Francisco for a few days. I started doing some more research and talking to a friend who just went to Hawaii a few weeks ago. It’s a little overwhelming how much there is to do, and how man different types of places there are to stay! I’m think it will be good to spend about 3-4 days in each place. We don’t want to move around so much that we wipe ourselves out, but we also want to see as much as we can. Who knows if we’ll ever have a chance to go to Hawaii again. I started researching hikes because I know Pete always enjoys hiking. I love how descriptive everything is. One in particular sounded great to me. It started out under fruit trees, traveled under a canopy and ended at a waterfall with a pool of water at the bottom that you can swim in. I can’t wait to get there!

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