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Finished with pre cana

This weekend Pete and I had pre cana at the Brooklyn Diocese. Friday night there was a liturgy that was very similar to what our wedding will be like (minus the vows, ring exchange etc). The priest gave a really great homily, that Pete and I both enjoyed. Because we were at an interfaith pre cana, he said we are all there for a reason; somehow our journey has led up to the point that we decided to marry in the Catholic church, but we should not look at it as coincidence or chance. Those words made me feel very welcome and secure. Sometimes I find it really hard to paraphrase the words that led to feeling I walk away from church with, but I guess that’s the best I can do.

On Saturday, we were there all day with the best couple as our leader. They wouldn’t tell us how long they were married until the end of the day, but it turns out they will be married 48 years this August 20th. They were very inspiring because they still looked at each other like they were teenagers in love. They were also very honest with us though, and told many stories about all the hard times they had and the journey they took to get where they are now.

We spent most of the day separating to write down our thoughts and then coming back together to discuss them. The class covered many important topics. We had already discussed all of them at least a little bit, but it was very good to go deeper. When we were answering the questions separately, we not only had to write our own thoughts, but we also had to guess what the other person was going to say. I found it harder than I expected, but most of the time I had a good understanding of Pete’s feelings. The funniest part was on the personality section. Pete and I both thought of ourself as the dreamer and the other as the realist!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our pre cana and we hope to finish the exercises in the booklet on our own time.

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