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Our e-session

So, I want to tell you about our e-photo session, but I can’t say too much. While there are a few who have seen a sneak peak, they meant to be unveiled at the wedding. For those of you who don’t know what an e-photo session is, it is a complementary photo shoot given by your wedding photographer. The purpose is to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera. And if you really like the pictures, you can purchase prints, etc. Let’s just say that out photographer and I were on the same page before we even opened our mouths. I had the perfect location in mind and she was in full agreement. When the day came for us to shoot it was very hot. I did have fun taking the photos but I was very exhausted. I guess because that weekend was so busy I felt really tired. By the time I saw the photos I had ambivalent feelings. But like a fine bottle of wine aging over time or a nice concrete slab undergoing chemical reactions in a process known as curing, my appreciation for these photographs solidified. Now I am bursting at the seams with excitement. All I can say is that they have managed to amalgamate the images of my lovely fiancée and myself with a visual style I really love. I’d say more but I’d probably reveal too much.

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