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Part I: Dancing on my own

Today was an amazing day, but I almost forgot, I have to write about yesterday first! Yesterday Pete decided he didn’t feel up to dancing at our lesson. At first I felt a little weird, but I decided to go ahead and spend the hour dancing with our instructor. It was a really different experience. Rather than me and Pete both working on learning something one step at a time, then slowly putting it together and then adding the music, we were just dancing away and I learned new steps at full speed. We played about 6 different songs too. At the end I was really glad I decided to dance without Pete because it was exciting to learn so many new steps in one lesson. I learned more swing steps, more side steps, another type of side step and maybe some other things I can’t even remember right now. Sometimes it’s hard to describe what I learned because my brain doesn’t always quite understand the step, but if I don’t think about it too much, my muscles remember. The most interesting idea I learned today is that with swing dancing, as long as you can do two steps and a rock step you will always come out even no matter what crazy turns your partner is doing or making you do.

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