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Part II: The playlist

After dancing, we met up with Jonathan for dinner and a music discussion. We picked out many songs and came up with a good description of the feeling we are going for so we can tell the DJ what we want. Basically we want to have funky dance music that everyone can sing along to, but not songs that are played so much you’re tired of hearing them. Now that we have a lot of the songs planned, I am really starting to picture the party coming to life.

We also discussed how to keep the traditional wedding elements we want, but at the same time having a fun dance party that can flow naturally without too much interruption. The main way we are trying to acheive this is to have the dinner courses served during a set time, rather than stretching it out and getting up and down for dancing and then the next bit of food. We’re also going to try and group together some of the other wedding bits so they don’t interrupt the dancing multiple times. Sounds fun, right?

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