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Part III: And finally, about today…

We spent the entire day in the Hamptons and had a blast. First we went to Atlantica where we got to see the tent (for the cocktail hour) for the first time. Last time we were there it was April and still too cold to put it up. We saw photos and liked it, but in person it was amazing. We sat out on the deck listening to the ocean, feeling the breeze and watching the fabric of the tent billowing around us. Even though it was a hot day, it was very comfortable under the tent.

While we were at Atlantica, we finalized the menu and wedding cake. Atantica has three suggested menus to choose from, at three different price points. I had asked our coordinator Carlos if we could come up with a custom menu of everything we wanted and then figure out the price. Not only were they fine with it, but Carlos told us today that the owner/chef loved our menu and is considering making it be one of the set menus they offer. We were so excited that they gave our taste such a compliment. Now that it’s done all I can say to you is be prepared to stuff yourself silly and then dance it off!

Next we went to Quogue and checked out the Inn. Everything was much greener than the last time we were here, and they have also been painting and fixing up so it looks great. We walked around town in Quogue and stopped for lunch at the country market. We split the “Emily’s Favorite” sandwich (basil, tomato, fresh mozzarella and pesto) along with some exotic veggie chips and we went across the street and sat in the park to eat. Quogue is so quaint to walk around.

After lunch, we went to the church and met with Father Mirro. We talked about what we learned in pre cana, then we discussed the ceremony and scheduled our rehearsal. Father had some sage advice for us as well.

While we waited for mass, we walked around downtown Main Street in Westhampton. Anything you could want can be found in Westhampton, even if all you want is a stroll down a tree-lined street with local shop windows to peek in at. We checked out some book shops, a pub, a sushi place, a theater, several cafes, local furniture shops, a candy shop and yes, Pete even found a comic book shop!

After mass, we went to Docker’s on the Bay, had a bite to eat, listened to some live music, and watched the sun set. I know some—who am I kidding—most people associate the Hamptons with the socialite/Manhattanite playground for the summer, but for me, Westhampton will forever be a romantic, spiritual, nature getaway. I never would have guessed that we would marry in the Hamptons but I couldn’t imagine having a better wedding anywhere else. Here’s a snapshot of us at Docker’s:

Us at Docker's

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