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Our First Wedding Anniversary

We decided to spend our first wedding anniversary in the same place we got married. We drove out east the day before our anniversary and rented a room at the Inn at Quogue then went down to the beach during the “magic hour” and into sunset. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, but not as perfect as our wedding day. By the time we were walking back to the car, we were both sniffling a little from the cool, steady ocean breeze. Once the sun went down, the day lost it’s warmth. It wasn’t as good as the gorgeous, warm night a year ago and how everyone was enjoying watching and listening to the ocean from under the tent at Atlantica. Once again, we were amazed at how lucky we were for our wedding!We then drove down to Main Street in Westhampton Beach to get some drinks, seeing it at night for the first time. All the little shops and the theater especially looked cute with the lights twinkling in the night. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in our room. We were the only people staying at the Inn, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We watched a Discovery Channel series about the South Pacific. The parts about Hawaii especially got us thinking of our honeymoon, which is a great memory.

Today is our actual anniversary, Sept. 21st! We slept in and the went back to Westhampton Beach for a late breakfast and walked Main Street, mostly window shopping. When we came back to the Inn, we switched to the bridal suite, which is the same room we had for our wedding night, and then borrowed the bikes they have for guests. They are the upright kind of bikes that I’ve always admired, but never tried to ride. We loved them!They were much more comfortable for your back and simpler since there are no gears and wires to mess with for brakes (you just peddle backward to brake).We rode all around Quogue and to the beach again, where it was a beautiful day, just like our wedding day – perfect low 70s, a sunny blue sky, and very little breeze.After our bike ride we went to dinner at the Restaurant at the Inn. (Sorry Queens folks, it’s no longer called the “Q”). :(

We really enjoyed the peacefulness of the day, but at the same time we were thinking about how much fun we had with all our family and friends out here with us a year ago. Throughout the day, I would look at my watch and think of what we were doing. Like, “At this time, you (talking to Peter) just arrived to the church; think how nervous you were!” And, “At this time the cocktail hour just ended and we were lining up to be introduced to everyone.” As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this, at this time last year, we were cutting the wedding cake! So far we’ve had a really great anniversary. We have a bottle of champagne and a log for the fireplace waiting for us now, so good night!

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