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Our Photo Album Is Here!

It took a long time to finalize our wedding album, but we love it! Thank you to Danielle for being so patient with us. We spent many months deciding from the more than 600 photos and then arranging them perfectly in the layouts. We picked up our album a few weeks back from Danielle’s new studio, which was really well done. It even had a big canvas print of us on the wall! Our album also came with two back up DVDs of all our photos as well as a parent album. Our album is 8×20 inches, and becomes 16×20 when opened, instead of the traditional 10×10 or 12×12. It’s really nice to have the proportions of a large print inside. The cover is also a print with a thick layer of acrylic on top of it. It’s printed on silver paper and looks amazing. Here are a couple of photos, though I’m not sure if they do it justice:

Wedding Album CoverWedding AlbumWedding Album

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