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Thank You Cards

After we received our photos we ordered a couple of sample thank you cards. Originally I had really wanted an accordion style card so we could share more photos, but they weren’t quite what we were expecting. I didn’t realize the base size was 3.5×5 (I was thinking it would be 4×6) and the quality of the print wasn’t as good as we were expecting. It reminded us of those digital disposable cameras, which had a grainy appearance and the color was a little off (for example, a brilliant blue sky came out looking pale blue-grey).

So we decided to go with a 5×7 fold thank you card, created in iPhoto. We were really pleased with the quality of the print and the paper as well as the larger size. I placed the full order yesterday. As soon as they arrive we are going to get moving on writing and sending them! I’m not posting a photo of the card we did choose, so if you’re reading this before we send them it won’t ruin the surprise.

Accordion Thank You CardAccordion Thank You Card

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