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My first dress fitting

Last Thursday, after hitting endless dead ends with finding someone close by to do my alterations, I went back and forth with a manager at Kleinfeld trying to convince her to let me come back to the store. In the end I was told there are no exceptions. However, she did tell me that the women on the list they gave me are the very same women who do the alterations in the store; they do work from home on their days off. I told her my frustration with how far they all are from Astoria, so she told me which seamstress was the best, and I made an appointment with her for today.

When I got there, I told myself I would be cautious and not work with her unless I was 100% comfortable with leaving my dress with her. Well, Stella is amazing. It was so worth the long drive to get to her. She has been a seamstress at Kleinfeld for 26 years! I stayed with her over an hour and in that time she completely transformed my dress to the vision I had in my head, with just a few pieces of scrap fabric and some pins. She also showed me how it will look with the bustle, and it’s fabulous. I felt very comfortable with her personality and I know my dress is going to be amazing because of her.

I have been wondering how I make sure the gown is not wrinkled after traveling out to the Hamptons. I guess because I’ve never been a bridesmaid or helped plan a wedding, there are so many little things I don’t know about. Stella is going to be with us the day of the wedding and steam the dress in the morning and help me get in to it. She also helps the moms and bridesmaids, does the bustle so we don’t have to get stressed out about doing it right, etc etc. I feel so relieved today after meeting with her and so blessed that she will be there on the day. The only sad part is that now I don’t get to see my dress again until my next fitting in July!

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