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Wedding registry

When we first thought about registering, we didn’t think there was anything we needed, but then it dawned on me that most people I know have wedding china set that is a treasured part of many holidays and I thought, that’s a nice thing to register for. Pete agreed with me, so I looked around and found a set that I really loved and a couple of backup options in case Peter hated it! I also saw a lot of other items that I loved while I was there, so I crossed over from my anti-registry viewpoint.

This morning Pete and I got up bright and early and went to a registry “event.” The store was closed except for couples registering for their wedding. It was a really fun experience. When we arrived at the store, we were offered mimosas, a scanner and a checklist to start out. I thought it would go pretty quickly since I picked my favorite options ahead of time and Pete wouldn’t have to look at every single thing, but we ended up spending about 2 hours looking around, asking lots of questions and enjoying some delicious food. The shop had several stations set up to demonstrate the different cookware and kitchen electronics and the food was amazing. For example, who knew there was such a thing as an indoor grill? I would never have thought to pick it out just seeing it on the shelf…in fact I didn’t even notice it. But after seeing it in action and tasting the skewers it made, we couldn’t resist. It’s also kind of perfect for us since we have no outdoor space! Now we just have to sort through everything and make sure we chose the right quantities etc.

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