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Stacy is ready to dance

I met Stacy at Penn Station this afternoon and we walked to the bridal shop where we are getting the bridesmaids’ dresses (RK Bridal). We both tried on a bunch of dresses that came in the fabric I had picked out. Once Stacy found the best one, she practiced her walk, dancing and her entrance! I thought it was really cool to have someone brave enough to do this in the store, so I could see how the dress moves etc. One of the other customers took it the wrong way and thought Stacy was the bride. She said she was scared for me because she thought Stacy was demonstrating what I had to do at her wedding!

While we were there, I talked to the staff about the fact that the bridesmaids are all from other places and we can’t all come in at once and they had the perfect solution for our situation. I filled out a sheet with each bridesmaid’s information, and which dress she should be fitted for. Then they keep the sheet there and hold it until everyone is measured and then order all the dresses at once. That way we make sure they are all from the same dye lot and the color is identical on each dress.

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