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Laura’s dress

On Friday, I had picked out a dress for Laura that was different from the other bridesmaid’s dresses in cut, but the same in every other way. I really like the idea of the maid of honor having a unique dress. Today Laura came to the store with me to get measured. The dress I picked was okay, but we found an even better one. I think it’s going to look amazing on her once we get the alterations done. I’m pretty excited about the dresses, and now we are half way done with the measurements!

The dresses we picked are by Jim Hjelm. They come in a fabric called “satin faced taffeta” which I am in love with and they are a soft oceany blue-green (they call the color lagoon) and there is a taupe accent fabric. I just love the look of it. Here’s a sample of the color on another dress:

This is the color/fabric we picked

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