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Happy ending (to the weekend)

Everything seems much better from where we stand tonight than it did yesterday walking to the bridal shop. Once we got there, Stacy got a different person who was much more willing to help. I think he sensed that we were really upset and we weren’t being caustic, so he was willing to help us out and get Stacy fitted. After that we went on a mission to set up the tuxedo rentals, but on the way we stumbled on the perfect wedding band for Peter! He was having a hard time deciding what material he wanted the band to be made from, but once he tried on titanium he was really impressed. He’s never worn jewelry before, so the lightweight feel of titanium appealed to him.

Next we made it to the tux store and it was Peter’s turn to stand up in front of the mirrors and get measured and fitted. We decided to go with MW Tux (Men’s Warehouse) because they have locations all over for the out of state people, and the tuxes can be dropped off at any location. Very convenient.

Today was a much better day than yesterday. At church this morning, there was a flower arrangement on the altar that was exactly what we wanted for ours. At the end of mass we sneaked a few photos so we can show the florist. Then it was my turn to get fitted! I had my second fitting with Stella today. The tacks were all fixed in the skirt, and she made me a sleeve (just one to make sure I liked it first!). We also worked on the placement of the boning in the front of the dress, to try and make it the most flattering. Every time I go back and see my dress I fall in love again. I feel like a total princess in it.

Then tonight ended with a date. Pete and I went to see WALLE. It was so cute, and a perfect way to end the weekend.

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