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The enevitable meltdown?

I guess it’s inevitable that I was going to have a meltdown somewhere in the process of wedding planning. It felt like everything was going wrong for the last few days. First we had the lackluster centerpeices on Thursday. Then Pete and I had a fight (also inevitable in wedding planning). Next, the invitations came in on Friday. I thought they were okay but not great at first, but after looking at them closer and showing them to Pete, I realized they were not okay. So now we have less than a month until we planned to get the RSVP’s back by, and no invitations to send. We finally reached the woman doing the invites late last night, and she promised to call by 9 am this morning. This morning 9 came and went, then 10, then 11 and no call. Finally at 11:30 when we were on our way into the city I realized she had emailed me instead of calling. Then Stacy arrived from Maryland for her bridesmaid dress fitting. As Pete and I were walking to the store Stacy called to say she was there, the seamstresses were all gone for the day (and wouldn’t be back until Monday) and she couldn’t come back to New York until a few weeks before the wedding. I couldn’t even stop myself from crying while walking down the street in Manhattan.

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