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My Birthday

1:30 am

We went to a birthday celebration where a few of our friends were gathered, and excitedly told them we were just engaged! It was the best way to start off my 26th birthday.


We had a leisurely morning of getting ready, and started driving for my parents’ house around 1:30 pm. On the way we called Pete’s family to tell them the news first, since we wouldn’t be able to tell them in person. We decided to wait until we got home to tell my family in person. On the drive down, we started calling all of our friends on speaker phone so we could tell them together. When we got to my parents’ house, everyone came to the door to welcome us in and we told them all the great news!


I decided to have a more casual night for my birthday dinner, so we could have my friends from Maryland stop by. We ordered pizzas and sat in the living room talking. We also called my uncle’s house to tell his family and my grandparents, who were staying with them about our news. Everyone was very excited and asking us lots of questions, and we were starting to feel a little overwhelmed. When’s the date? Who’s in the bridal party? Where will you get married? Etc.

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