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We’re Engaged!!!

Tonight, Pete and I went to Rockefeller Center to view the 84 foot tall Christmas tree, which is lit up with energy saving LED lights this year, saving over 2,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per day! We wanted to go and see the tree for some time. Pete wasn’t feeling well on Saturday evening and it kept getting later and later. I looked up the information and found out that the lights on the tree stay on until 11:30 pm. I told Pete we didn’t have to go if he wasn’t feeling up to it, but he really wanted to go before we left for Maryland to see my family for my birthday and Christmas. So we made some hot chocolate, and jumped in the car at 11:00 pm. We got to a parking spot a couple of blocks away at 11:20 pm and rushed over to see the tree. We asked some girls to take our picture under the tree and then Pete said he wanted to show me a special spot, with a nice view. The view was the Christmas tree & angels behind us, the Lord & Taylor snow flake light show in front of us, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral next to that. Next I found out why Pete wasn’t feeling so well. He was extremely nervous; his chin was shaking as he said to me, “Baby, I have a question to ask you.” Then he pulled his hand out of his pocket and I saw a black velvety ring box and I can’t remember what he said next! I do remember that all I could say was “of course I will marry you!” On the walk back to the car, we both kept stopping to look at my ring, since it is so beautiful.

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