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Hair and makeup trial

Today I had my first hair and makeup trial. It was a fun experience but I’m still thinking about my opinion on the outcome. One thing I’ve never had before but loved was the false eyelashes. I could totally see myself becoming addicted to them!

Makeup trial

Makeup trial

2 Responses to “Hair and makeup trial”

  1. Susan Douthett Says:

    Congratulations….. Sarah, I am RoseMarie/Pete’s cousin Susan, from the Bronx, living in Rockland…Have been a hairdresser and cosmetologist for 27 years..saw your blog, you look beautiful…2 suggestions, skip the frosted lip gloss, as it doesn’t photograph well in wedding pictures, always go with matte. If you are going to use a lip liner, use it to even out thickness in lips and get a better shape to your mouth. Example slim down bottom lip with foundation and liner. Second, have your eyebrows professionally done by a woman(usually Indian women are the best at this skill)who does threading…it is wonderful, and gives a beautiful shape to your already beautiful face. It will open up your face and perhaps the false eyelashes would not be needed if that was your choice..if I can help with any questions or the like, I would be happy to hear from you. Hope all is going well, and I am enjoying reading your blog! Good Luck!

  2. Susan Douthett Says:

    Hi Sarah, what beautiful eyes you have. I do like the eyelashes it gives such a romantic look! As I said in my e-mail, go with the airbrush look if you can, you won’t be disappointed! Definitely work with your consultant and get the best look that you are comfortable with, you won’t regret it! Wedding day makeup application should just enhance what is already beautiful …your face!~

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