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The Little Things

We are getting to the point now where we have a ton of little details to work out and not much time left. I still feel relatively panic free, but I am ready to be done soon so I can go into the wedding with as little stress as possible. There have been a couple of times that I have thrown parties where I planned more than I could accomplish and I didn’t enjoy myself. For example, one Christmas I spent 8 hours cooking (all recipes I had never made before-which is extra stressful) and then I greeted the guests still in my apron while finishing up cooking. I didn’t really enjoy that party at all. I definitely don’t want our wedding to be like that, so I am trying to get as much done now as possible. This also makes it harder to write a cute little blog entry about my one activity of the day, since I’m all over the place trying to finalize things.

Today I worked more on figuring out my hair, makeup and jewelry. I met with another stylist who is a family friend (of Pete’s family) and I hope she will be my savior after three trials of “just okay.” I want to love my hair. One of the women I talked to today said that if I don’t like my hair that’s the first thing I’m going to think of whenever I look at my wedding photos (and my hair will be in them all). I think she is right. Also today I made progress on the programs, menus and escort cards/table numbers, by picking out papers and deciding to keep it simple and use the table number frames provided by Atlantica rather than buying some cutesy holder and then having one more thing to remember to bring out there. Then I came home and wrapped the bridal party gifts, which means that project is complete. Oh also, earlier today I worked more on finalizing the music selections for the ceremony and making sure we’re all set with the trolley for transportation from the inn to the reception & back. Whew. Enough for one day?

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