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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Last night we had our bachelor and bachelorette parties. I won’t comment too much on Pete’s party (I’ll leave that to him) but I’ll tell you a bit about both. Stacy and Laura came up to NY last night and we spent the day hanging around Manhattan and shopping for clothes and jewelry for the evening. Laura got me a hot pink dress and I found a mini tiara which I thought was a cute joke since I decided not to wear one for the wedding. I also found some white tulle in the apartment and made a mini veil to go along with it, plus a bachelorette sash Pete’s mom got for me. When we were walking around later in the night it was fun to have people notice me and say congratulations etc.

At dinner time, the boys went to a steak house called Angelo & Maxie’s, which (from what I gather) was a great time. The girls went to Burrito Loco (my favorite Mexican restaurant). After dinner the girls decided I had to try and have a “slippery nipple” shot (which you can’t use your hands to drink). I tried…but failed. I ended up with whipped cream in my nose!

After dinner we went to a couple of bars, including Coyote Ugly where I had to dance on the bar! The boys did their own version of a night on the town, and then we all met up at Cheap Shots, which is one of my favorite dive bars. They have black lights, writing on every single surface of the bar, walls, tables, etc and air hockey! We actually stayed out until the lights came on. Pete and I both expected we would call it a night much sooner, but we didn’t because we had a lot of fun. Here’s a snapshot of those that were still standing at the end of the night:

Bachelor(ette) party

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