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Surprise shower!

Well, since most of you who read the blog were there, you already know…but I gotta write about it anyway. Sunday was my bridal shower, and it was the best party ever. I had so much fun and every detail was perfect! The black, white and hot pink decor was so modern and pretty.

My sister and mom were here on Saturday, but said Laura had to get back because of some problems at work, so they left Sunday morning. I didn’t even realize that my sister sneaked into my closet and took my dress and shoes to wear at the shower! The last time I went to have my hair colored I was complaining to my hairdresser about not knowing what to do with my hair for the wedding. So he called me last week and said he had an idea and wondered if I would come in on Sunday morning to try it. How clever!

Thanks to everyone who came and for all the wonderful gifts! I have to go clean up and organize everything and start writing some thank you cards. Here is one teaser photo, and I will post the rest in the photo albums soon:


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