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242 days till wedding

Today we officially decided to book Atlantica for our wedding on September 21, 2008…only 242 days away! It’s so exciting to finally have made a decision. I spoke with the owner and she e-mailed me a contract to sign. Tomorrow I will mail her a check for 1/3 of the cost. Yikes!

Tonight we also went to meet with Father Vincent from St. Luke’s Church in Whitestone. Peter grew up in St. Luke’s (he went to school there and was also an altar boy). We got some information about how the wedding ceremony would work and received a lot of reading material as well. We found out that if I do decide to become baptized the program is 12-16 months but it is okay if it occurs after the wedding. The church will still recognize the wedding as long as we petition the bishop beforehand to do the interfaith ceremony.

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