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Peter’s Impression

Today I drove out to the Hamptons with Pete and both of his parents. Pete really loved Atlantica and the surrounding area. It has a park like feel to it. We even saw a heard of deer running around. I’m so glad that he seems to like it as much as I do!

We also drove to the other place I found in Southampton (Hampton Hall). This was the one that I thought had the “New York Italian Wedding Hall” feeling based on the website. Well… it was awful. It was a building in the middle of a neighborhood, no where near the beach. The town you had to drive through to get there was ugly. The hotels that you could block off were not close and they were really motels, not hotels at all. The thing I keep telling everyone is if we’re going to ask everyone to drive to the Hamptons for the wedding it needs to be on the beach! We could get a hall like that anywhere and probably for less money.

Lastly we stopped by the Swan Club because Pete’s mother was in love with it. Pete thought one of the rooms was okay. I didn’t like it at all. Mr. Milcetic called it a wedding factory and didn’t even get out of the car! If nothing else, going to this place reconfirmed that we want something different.

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