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Family Tree

Today I was finally very motivated to do some web design work and not think about the wedding at all. I got a lot done. I think when I have a deadline it’s easier to make myself do work and put all other thoughts out of my head. After talking to some relatives to get addresses today, Pete said he wanted to try and make a family tree. I searched online for freeware family tree maker, and found an awesome program called MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. We spent about an hour putting in all the relatives we could think of and how they are connected to us. Then we got to learn something really neat. When you mouse over a person it tells you the relationship to the person you started the tree based on. So I now know that one of my family members is a cousin once removed. This is a really neat time to be thinking about a family tree too because this is the time when our two trees are going to merge into one!

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