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The Big New York Wedding

I took a break from wedding planning for the majority of the day. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed about all the possible details to look into, but still very excited. I did about 10 hours worth of web design work today, which is really important because I have not one, but two projects that I have to have results by Monday! Today Pete was very supportive of me. I’ve been a little anxious about how my family is reacting to the Big New York Wedding. It’s just not done like this in Maryland, but Pete helped me to feel better by reminding me that it’s okay to be excited about what we want and I don’t have to convince other people. We will just continue to tell them we hope they will come and have a great time with no strings attached or expectations. I’m not saying it as well as Pete did, so I will have to ask him to explain it again so his meaning really sinks in. Regardless of the exact thing he said, I was really grateful that he calmed me down.

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