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Pete’s first entry

Okay. Let me introduce myself. My name is Pete and this is my first blog entry. I’m no stranger to writing in a journal but this will be the first time I am sharing my thoughts with public (i.e. posting it online). I am really excited. Today I decided to read my fiancée’s blog entries since she restarted the web site. Yes, I said fiancée. I proposed to Sarah on the 22nd of December and she said yes. It’s very exciting. I’ll get to that later on. For now I want to stick with the website. I guess I always took the blog entries for granted. When I went back and read them I was surprised at how much Sarah wrote and how I felt like I was reliving various times in the past. But most importantly it made feel really in love with her and reminded me of how wonderful she is. I know this is a corny comparison but here goes…it reminds me of that song "Lady in Red". I’d heard that the singer wrote it about his wife after he went to a party and saw this stunning lady in a red dress. When he realized that it was his wife he had an epiphany. It’s kind of how I feel now. I have to admit I have problems with my life sometimes. I feel down at times and it has an adverse effect on my life and relationships. I don’t appreciate what I have sometimes. However, reading Sarah’s entries gave a jolt for some reason. It was like a giant call to attention. Kind of like, "Hey, these things she’s talking about, this is your life too! If you keep wallowing in misery or never really appreciating it (life), it’s going to pass you by" Well, I’m inspired now. I want to be a better person. I want to write blog entries more often. I want Sarah to feel that way too. I want to enjoy life and our life together and live to the fullest.

Tonight we are going to Sunswick (a local watering hole) for a joint birthday party for our friends Jake and Emmet. I’m looking forward to hanging out. Earlier this week Sarah and I met Jake and Tom and their lady friends at Rapture. We had a good time. I like Rapture. It’s a little lounge around the block from me. It feels like my home base here in Astoria. Anyway, I am going to write more about things later on. Right now we are in the middle of preparing for an engagement party and a wedding. See you later!

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