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Trying to pick a date

Today I put a hold on Atlantica for Sunday, September 21st! I’m really exited and Pete said he agrees that September will probably be better than August. I checked the average weather for the date (70 degrees) and there has been no rain on that date for the last couple of years, so I’m really starting to feel like this could be the end of the mad hunt for the perfect location.

Pete’s mom is still not 100% convinced about the Atlantica. She says we should use the rest of the one week time that we have the date “on hold” to double check that there is no where better. I found another wedding site in the Hamptons that has that seems to have that New York Italian Wedding Hall look (at least on the website) and it is 3 miles from the beach. When we were dress shopping, the woman who helped us recommended that I get a reception site near the beach and just drive there for pictures instead of having the reception be actually at the beach. I’m still not sold on the idea, I really like the feeling of the ballroom that overlooks the ocean. We are going to drive out to the Hamptons again on Sunday. Maybe seeing it in person will be different, but I have a feeling nothing will be better than having the ocean view from the ballroom. Plus Atlantica has the cutest rehearsal dinner area and the salon, hotel, heated pool etc. For me, it seems perfect.

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