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Atlantica & a Castle

Today I went with Pete’s mom and looked at Atlantica in Westhampton Beach and Oheka Castle in Huntington. I really loved Atlantica. When you enter the lobby, you are on the ground floor. There is an adorable space for the rehearsal. Then you go up a staircase and as you walk up the backside of the ballroom is revealed, with panoramic views of the ocean, right from the ballroom. It also has tolerable carpet under the tables (as opposed to some hideous carpeting I saw at other places). It has a wood dance floor, huge soaring ceilings and white walls and columns. I love the space…it’s so me. It’s beautiful but not gaudy. There is also a huge bridal suite, an attached hotel, a heated pool and private beach.

After that we went to the Oheka Castle. It was breathtaking and had a very interesting history. I told Pete’s mom that if anything would make me change my mind about the beach, this could be it. We didn’t have an appointment so there was no one available who could talk about dates or pricing. I’m sure it’s too expensive anyway.

Lastly, we went to look for a dress for me for the engagement party. I found the perfect dress at a great bargain. Then (just for fun) I tried on my first wedding dress ever! I really loved it on in the store, but we took pictures and when I got home I didn’t like it in the pictures. I noticed while I was there that the store had “skinny” mirrors, and I could really see the difference when I got home. I looked so wide in the photos!

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