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First day looking at wedding halls

Yesterday I made a lot of appointments for today; our first day of looking for locations for the wedding reception! We drove 300 miles from Long Island to the New Jersey Shore, trying to find the perfect place for a beach wedding. Most of the places we saw on Long Island are not exactly beach. They are on the Long Island Sound, or on the south shore, which is sheltered by barrier reef islands. Neither of these locations have the crashing waves that I am longing for. New Jersey has the crashing waves I want, but it doesn’t have that magical feeling of New York. Overall, the places we saw were okay, but each of them has something major that didn’t work for us. Here’s a list of all the places we went to today: Carltun on the Sound (Bayville, NY), The Snapper Inn (Oakdale, NY), The Riverview (Oakdale, NY), The White Sands (Point Pleasant, NJ), McLoon’s (Point Pleasant, NJ) and Ocean Place Resort (Long Branch, NJ). What a day!

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