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How shocking

This week I did tons of research on wedding halls. I was surprised to realize that there aren’t really any locations on Long Island that are on the beach. My favorite place so far is called The Pavilion at Sunken Meadow (State Park). It’s on the sound, but it has sand and the space looks pretty but not too pretentious. When I spoke to the catering manager, he said the date 8/8/08 is available and he would even drop the price per person a little since it’s a Friday. I was really excited to take Pete to see the place on Saturday. The key word is “was” because today I learned that many many people get engaged for Christmas and everyone is out looking to book their reception right now. The catering manager called me today and said (paraphrasing), “I’m just calling to let you know someone else just booked your date. What other dates are you interested in?” I was so shocked that he would do that. I hung up and was so upset I started crying when I told Pete what happened. I didn’t even realize I cared that much but I couldn’t believe how nonchalant the guy was about giving the date away after we talked about it already. I have no more interest in that place after the way he acted and from now on I will ask each person I speak to about their policy with holding a date.

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