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My second dress

Friday, June 27th, 2008

After watching a marathon of Trista & Ryan on the Bachelorette a few weeks ago, I decided it wasn’t such a bad idea to have a second dress. My main dress is very formal and heavy and I may decide I want to be more comfortable at some point during the reception or for the after party or whatever. So I went out today to look, with the intention of getting one of those allover antique lace gowns. I tried on about 10 lace ones before I gave up on it. Number 1 lace is so not comfortable! It’s super heavy and not all that soft. Number 2 I found another dress that is a soft and comfortable crinkle chiffon fabric. It practically feels like I’m wearing nothing. It has very little train so it’s perfect for dancing or wearing out to an after party. It’s also a new design that was just in to the store, so no one else tried it on. Since the wedding is less than 3 months away and the one in the store fit perfectly, they let me take it instead of waiting for an order. I didn’t think of it until I had the dress on, but it felt very much like it would be at home on the beach. So I may also wear it for some of the beach photos.

Invitations have been sent to the printer

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

After months of deliberating we finally ordered the invitations today! Originally, we were going to do a message in a bottle to go with the beach theme, but I was really struggling to make it elegant enough. I’ve heard that the invitations should be the first hint to the guests about the tone of the wedding. The message in a bottle invitations were really cute, but just didn’t fit the type of wedding we are having.

Once we decided not to go with the bottle, I started designing a traditional invitation set and a map insert. I purchased new fonts, created my own icon and even designed a monogram for us that we’re having made into a wax seal stamper. I had so much fun doing it that I am thinking about designing invitations and maps as a business.

We had three top choices for invitations and in the end we decided to go with a more elegant, classic looking invitation with a just touch of beach rather than a very themed invitation. I really love the one we picked and it’s more fitting with the wedding we are having. I can’t wait to see them. Keep an eye out in the mail around the end of July or beginning of August!

Here are the links to the runners up: the Tropical Hoku Invitation by Hana Hou and the Serene Seaside Invitation by Encore Studios.

DIY Cake topper

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Today I made our cake topper. I started with two ceramic cake toppers that were all white and I got out my sewing machine and little accessories that I had purchased and put together a one of a kind cake topper! It’s so cute and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.