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We booked the church!!!

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Today was the day I have been the most nervous about for a long time. During tax season, Pete didn’t have time to help with much of the wedding planning, so I did as much as I could on my own and tried not to bother him too much. One thing I really wanted us to decide together though, was the location of the ceremony. As the end of tax season grew nearer, I scheduled appointments with priests at nearby churches. I have visited a few on some of my previous trips to the Hamptons, but Pete had not seen the one church I loved more than any other. I was scared to get my hopes up until I knew for sure that Pete liked it and that we could have the wedding there on our date. I feel so relieved and excited now because Pete also loved the church and the priest was a great. We have reserved the church for our wedding date! It’s really really real now!!

Hunt for a florist

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Today I went with Pete’s mom to a couple of florists to start getting ideas. I’ve been trying for weeks to get a mental image of what would fit in our beach theme but still be elegant at the same time. I originally had the idea that I wanted to avoid using so many flowers because I found it sad how many of them get cut and then die so quickly. While I was at the florists though, it was very easy to change my mind, and get swept up in the idea of traditional over-the-top floral arrangements. They do seem much prettier and fancier than any of the DIY centerpieces I have seen. Now that I’m back home, I’m just as confused as ever. I think I need to talk to Pete about it and sit with the idea for a while and see how we feel.

DJ? Done!

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

After seeing tons of positive reviews for the DJ company I was considering, I decided to ask Pete to come meet with them. We went over everything again and Pete got to watch the sample videos. I really like Ray’s upbeat personality and I think he will do a great job as MC of our wedding reception. Pete thought more about the band vs. DJ question and we talked in the car on the way there. I think I would enjoy either and I like the interactive nature of a live band but Pete really prefers the original songs. So we decided to book Variety Music. That’s one more big piece of the puzzle taken care of!

The order is in

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Today I finally ordered the bridesmaids dresses! I got in touch with a suit maker to confirm how much extra fabric we will need for the guys’ ties, and I ordered that as well. Now we just have to wait until they get here. I can’t wait to see them.

Bridal jewelry

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Today Pete and I went to look at a necklace I was considering wearing on our wedding day. As we walked up to Tiffany I was a little nervous (I know, silly). I had never gone inside before and I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous that we would not fit in with people who buy their jewelry there or something. That was definitely not the case! The woman we talked to spent a long time with us and gave us a lot of great ideas. Even though we decided the necklace I had my eye on wouldn’t have enough presence for bridal jewelry, I walked out feeling great that the staff at Tiffany is so kind and helpful!

Virtual fitting with Adrienne

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Today I had a virtual fitting with Adrienne. She was in a bridal shop in Atlanta and I was on the phone with her while she tried on dresses and got measured. So now we have all the bridesmaids’ measurements and we are ready to order the dresses!!

My first dress fitting

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Last Thursday, after hitting endless dead ends with finding someone close by to do my alterations, I went back and forth with a manager at Kleinfeld trying to convince her to let me come back to the store. In the end I was told there are no exceptions. However, she did tell me that the women on the list they gave me are the very same women who do the alterations in the store; they do work from home on their days off. I told her my frustration with how far they all are from Astoria, so she told me which seamstress was the best, and I made an appointment with her for today.

When I got there, I told myself I would be cautious and not work with her unless I was 100% comfortable with leaving my dress with her. Well, Stella is amazing. It was so worth the long drive to get to her. She has been a seamstress at Kleinfeld for 26 years! I stayed with her over an hour and in that time she completely transformed my dress to the vision I had in my head, with just a few pieces of scrap fabric and some pins. She also showed me how it will look with the bustle, and it’s fabulous. I felt very comfortable with her personality and I know my dress is going to be amazing because of her.

I have been wondering how I make sure the gown is not wrinkled after traveling out to the Hamptons. I guess because I’ve never been a bridesmaid or helped plan a wedding, there are so many little things I don’t know about. Stella is going to be with us the day of the wedding and steam the dress in the morning and help me get in to it. She also helps the moms and bridesmaids, does the bustle so we don’t have to get stressed out about doing it right, etc etc. I feel so relieved today after meeting with her and so blessed that she will be there on the day. The only sad part is that now I don’t get to see my dress again until my next fitting in July!

Wedding registry

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

When we first thought about registering, we didn’t think there was anything we needed, but then it dawned on me that most people I know have wedding china set that is a treasured part of many holidays and I thought, that’s a nice thing to register for. Pete agreed with me, so I looked around and found a set that I really loved and a couple of backup options in case Peter hated it! I also saw a lot of other items that I loved while I was there, so I crossed over from my anti-registry viewpoint.

This morning Pete and I got up bright and early and went to a registry “event.” The store was closed except for couples registering for their wedding. It was a really fun experience. When we arrived at the store, we were offered mimosas, a scanner and a checklist to start out. I thought it would go pretty quickly since I picked my favorite options ahead of time and Pete wouldn’t have to look at every single thing, but we ended up spending about 2 hours looking around, asking lots of questions and enjoying some delicious food. The shop had several stations set up to demonstrate the different cookware and kitchen electronics and the food was amazing. For example, who knew there was such a thing as an indoor grill? I would never have thought to pick it out just seeing it on the shelf…in fact I didn’t even notice it. But after seeing it in action and tasting the skewers it made, we couldn’t resist. It’s also kind of perfect for us since we have no outdoor space! Now we just have to sort through everything and make sure we chose the right quantities etc.

Trip to Michael’s

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

We also went to Michael’s (craft store) today to get some ideas for flower arrangements and other decor. Maria had some great suggestions there too. I had originally planned to make a treasure chest instead of having a money bag. I liked the idea of a treasure chest for the “treasure,” but Maria pointed out that it’s a little pirate-y, which is true. (more…)

Maria’s turn

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Today Maria came down and we went to the bridal shop for her measurements. I really liked the dress on Maria, and I can’t wait until we get them all in and start on the alterations. I also showed Maria & Mrs. M. the dress Laura picked, and they had some great suggestions as to how to make it look more similar to the other dresses…but still unique at the same time! Now we only have one more bridesmaid to finish her measurements…