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Wedding favors

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

The wedding favors came in today! Unlike the struggles I’ve been having with choosing invitations, this was an easy choice. (more…)

Four months to go!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I can’t believe we only have four months to go. I have been slacking on typing my wedding planning updates for the last few weeks but I have been writing in a notebook, so hopefully I will add everything online soon. In the meantime, today I started really thinking about the honeymoon. I have been using The Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner (thanks to Stacy!) and I also get a monthly e-mail from theknot.com on the 21st of each month. Today’s e-mail said it’s time to start planning the honeymoon! Our top two ideas so far are Croatia and Hawaii. I started getting some ideas from my wedding chat board and Hawaii really sounds amazing. I think it would also be a great balance for us because Pete also loves the mountains and hiking, and we can do that in the same place as we can go snorkeling. I would also love to go to Croatia and see the place where Pete’s dad’s side of the family is from but the beach weather is past its prime by the end of September.

Dancing lessons

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Hi. Today I had a pretty good day. It started off a little questionably though. By the end of it I was able to salvage the remainder of the day. We went to City Island for Mother’s Day dinner. We dined at a place called the Black Whale. It was great. In fact it has put me in such a good mood that it thought it best to write a bit about how things are going. One of the key things going on these days is wedding preparation. So far we have done really well with the planning. It had been a goal of mine to become more involved with the wedding planning once busy season was over. As I reflect on the month or so since the end of the season, I am pleased. We have started taking dancing lessons. We have already had three sessions. I’ll write more of that in a moment. We have gone to a tasting of both appetizers and entrées at our reception hall. We’ve met with a Catholic priest and found a church to marry in. We have visited an excellent videographer. I am really excited by the look and feel of their videos. We’ve visited a DJ and a florist. I was a bit worried that maybe we should get a band but I’ve never really liked bands at weddings. Sarah reminded me that we need to do what made us comfortable so I think I’ll stick top a DJ. Besides, I think our wedding will sound better with the original music and sound as opposed to a band’s rendition.
So, let me tell you about our dance lessons. We started taking them about three weeks ago. Our instructor’s name is Leslie. She has made it really fun to learn to dance. I have to say we picked up on it pretty well. We don’t practice much, though I would like to, but we manage to do well while having fun. I’ll admit I sometimes let the pressures of everyday life get to me. I sometimes come to lessons with the burden of these stressors weighing down on me, but by the end I feel great. I feel like it was so easy to get to steps down. When I look at video of people “slow dancing”, i.e. rocking back and forth, it looks very simplistic. I recommend everyone take a few lessons. It may be a bit pricey but I feel it is worth it. Oh before I forget, I’ll tell you what we have learned. We’ve learned the box step with a twirl and the promenade step. There you have it. Talk to you next time.

Meeting with Videographer

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

I have been doing a lot of research on videographers over the last couple of months. Like many other things, I was surprised and happy when we finally found the one that captured our attention and made the little flag go up, saying “This is the one!!”

My first idea was a to go with Michelle, from Layer Cake Films. She shoots with super 8mm film and edits in a music video style. Michelle’s motto is that the video should enhance your memories of your wedding day, rather than replacing your memories with what was captured on film (as happens with too-long videos). I still love her style, but ultimately didn’t chose her because Peter wanted to have the sound from the day, which can’t be done with super 8mm. Here’s my favorite sample of Michelle’s videography & editing: Lindsay & Nick.

We looked at many other video options including our DJ company, several recommendations from our photographer and many others that I found. Somehow I came across Silverfox. I can’t remember how I found them, but I’m so glad I did. We were totally impressed with them today. The manager was very friendly and their samples are really impressive. I think our favorite part was that the video titles make it feel like a real movie. Overall Pete and I both felt these videos really had the style we were looking for. Here’s some of my favorite sample videos of Silverfox’s: Roseann & Christian’s ceremony and Roseann & Christian’s photo session.

Browsing with Pete’s mom

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Today I went to David’s Bridal again, this time with Pete’s mom. She tried on a few dresses, and found one that she likes but was not ready to commit to anything yet. They seemed to have a much lager selection of mom dresses in Maryland than they did here in NY, which was unfortunate.

While we were there, I also noticed a headpiece that I liked. I got super excited because I have been looking at dozens of tiaras, headbands, combs etc and never found anything I remotely felt I could wear. I got even more excited when I realized that the band was made from a bracelet of real pearls and Swarovski crystals, which was fastened to a headband with clear wire. I think it so cool that it can be taken apart and worn after the wedding. Once I found that out, I knew I had to get it! Then I got to the register and found out it was half price. How exciting!

MOB Dress Shopping

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Today I went with my mom to look for her mother of the bride dress for my wedding and for her outfit for my brother’s wedding as well. We went to Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Talbot’s, David’s Bridal, and possibly some other shops whose names escape me. It’s really not easy to find the perfect dress, but I think my mom is really happy with what she got in the end. It’s a full satin skirt with attached crinkle chiffon fabric and matching jacket. The jacket also has nice beading around the neckline to dress it up.

New page…wedding songs!

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Check out the new page I added to the site today. You can listen to the songs we were considering for our first dance, read the lyrics and then VOTE for which one you think we picked! Check out the new wedding songs page!